The vitality of our Parish and School facilities, programs and community relies on the generosity of our Parish members and other supporters.

You can make semi monthly or monthly donations by clicking on and filling out the Pre-Authorized Banking Form below. The form and a copy of a voided cheque or a pre-authorized form supplied by your bank can then be mailed, faxed, or emailed. We also accept donations online through PayPal, a trusted and secure method for online transactions. 

Thank you for your generous contribution to our Parish and School community.

Raise the Roof Campaign

Through the generosity of donors, St. Ignatius Parish got a new roof.  The campaign allowed donors to assign their name, or the name of a loved one, to a roof tile. This much-needed restoration project now honours those named for each tile.  


Virtual Roof Tile Donors and Donations in Honour of:

Roger & Aida De Leon

Gerard Van Walleghem, sj

Julien Van Walleghem

John Van Walleghem

Brian Van Walleghem

Eddie Lee

Eddrick Lee

Essence Lee

Sann Chan

In memory of Theresa Buchner

In Memory of Harry Van de Mosselaer

Mardie Van de Mosselaer

Gregory Van de Mosselaer

Glen Van de Mosselaer

Georgine Gaudes

Christine Kulas

Alison & Eugene Rousset

Thomas Peter Nykoluk

Heather Amy Nykoluk

Timothy Nykoluk

Brenda & Jim Nykoluk

Peter Patrick Nykoluk

Yvonne Laporte Marshall

Dennis A. Dempsey

Lavone Martell

Michelle Mico

Brent Horton

Max Horton

Syd Horton

Heather Horton

Frank Mico

Stefan Fischer

Annamaria Fischer

Owen Fischer

David Deighton

Pat Deighton

Claire Ann Deighton

Brianna Deighton

Tim Lamey

Matthew Heintz

Jeffrey Heintz

Christine Karmelita

Lily Kolesar

Violet Kolesar

Katelyn Sutherland

Megan Sutherland

Peter Edwards

Joseph Gardner

Roberta Gardner

Victoria Gardner

William Gardner

George & Sita

Brian Andronak

Karen Andronak

Philippe Prefontaine

Sophia Shelest

Josie Dreger

Bryan Dreger

Heather Campbell

Elaine Campbell

Jennifer Campbell

Stephen Campbell

Franciscfo & Estela Violaga

Gabriella Cabezas

R. L. & J. S. Lewis

Anne Marie











Anne Marie





Janet Roe Zonneveld

Chris Roe

Meagan Roe

Cameron Roe

Antonio Cianflone

Giovanna Cianflone

Eileen Grant-MacLeod

Jay MacLeod

Fr. Eric Jensen, sj

Fr. Brian Massie, sj

Fr. David Creamer, sj

Fr. Gerry McDougall, sj

Fr. Joe Newman, sj

Fr. Eduardo Soto Parra

In Memory of Joe & Nellie Sabanski

J. & D. Sirett Family

Mark, Lisa, Ella Leochko

Miriam & Bill Marchant

Joseph Mazur

Jacqueline Mazur

Craig Mazur

Amelia Mazur

Sandra Lorange

Claude Lorange

Matthew Lorange

Michael Lorange

Fran & Estela Violago & Family

M. & E. Blomquist

Robert Wall

Theresa Wall

Chas van Dyck

Joanne van Dyck

Lexi van Dyck

Jon van Dyck

St. Ignatius School Teachers

L. & S. Torack

Sylvio Gauthier

Kali Samagalski

Michelle Samagalski

Darlene Pyl

Walter Pyl

Antonio Chiappetta

Olive Chiappetta

Anthony J. Chiappetta

Alma V. Nepomuceno

Roman Nepomuceno

Jean Raphael Nepomuceno

Roman Gabriel Nepomuceno

Ian Michael Nepomuceno

Shirley Delapenha

Paul & Louise Adams

Luke Daoust

Alice Hamilton

Max Hamilton

Jamie Savage

John Hamilton

Gladu Family

Lauren Edmond

Derek Edmond

Nancy Edmond

Paul Edmond

Edward Kiernan

Mary Kiernan

Kate Kiernan

Fiona Vowell

Tom Vowell

Delmar Holmes

Cynthia Partyka

Janis Nix

Jonathan Sinclair

Sean Mencik

Nicole Mencik

Art Mencik

Lee Mencik

Andy Sirski

Patricia Sirski

Andy & Patricia Sirski

Sherry Bouchard

Elmer & Joyce Seitz

Emoke Szathmary & George Reilly

George DePauw family

Elvira Magnifico

Luigi Magnifico

The Sine Family

Mary & Gary Kirkpatrick

Pat de Jong

The Desaulniers Family

The Bellido Family

Bertrand Rootsaert

In memory of Irene Davis

In memory of Mary Kiernan

Claude Davis & Lynne McCarthy

Barbara Fawcett

Patrick Fawcett

Theresa Fawcett

Christina Fawcett

John Fediuk

Bea Fediuk

Karla McMullen

Jean McMullen

George Walton

Suzanne St. Yves

Robert Dzisiak

Madison Dzisiak

Debora Mazur

Allan D Hansen

Linda A. Hansen

Arthur J. Braun

Kathleen E. Braun

Donald G. Hansen

Pearl Hansen

Charles Jones

Louise Smendziuk

Ed Smendziuk

Deb Bomek

Natalie Desaulniers

Stefan Desaulniers

Fr. Trevor Erland Scott, sj

In memory of John Campbell

Dominic Kory

Josephine Kory

Adele Kory

Gorden Andrus

Pedro & Benita Elefante

Pio & Irene Lagran

David Carr

Michele Synnott

In memory of Kurt Ziegler

Cora Wikeem

In memory of John Wikeem

Susan Wikeem

Sheila Keegan Williams

William E. Keegan

Christine Keegan Butterill

Mitch DeJong

Paul & Connie Hamel

Calvin & Jesse Hamel

Gord & Marg Edmond

Margaret Edmond Brown

Lindsay, Christa, Elizabeth

Kate & Thomas

Matthew, Colin, Lucas

Abigail Daniel

Theodore, Cassidy, Davide Vieira

Aria, Rhyse Millar

The Browlees

Dawn Shiloh

Suzanne Hansen Mathieu

Brent Hansen

Ethel Holash

Richard Kaip

Ted Stevem

Norma Steven

Missionaries of Charity

Kristen Mathieu

David Mathieu

Adam Macht

Catherine Macht

David James Trainor

Diane Avonne Trainor

Joseph Samuel Trainor

Teresa Lynn Trainor

John David Trainor

Max Joseph Trainor

Patricia Anne Trainor MacRae

Murray James MacRae

Samantha Grace MacRaw

Elizabeth Morgan MacRae

Anna Constance MacRae

Jenna Sylvestre

Nicole Sylvestre

Victoria Saromo

Buduhan Family

Tai chi group

Evelyn Fenniuk

The Remillard's

Myra Wood

Milena C. G. Hajzler

Teresita A. G. Hajzler

Tony M. G. Hajzler

Josef L. Hajzler

Tere Guerrero Hajzler

Ella Lynch

Olivia Lyncy

Amhlaoibh Lynch

Kathy Paganos

Christian Lynch

Con Lynch

Marie Lynch

Shauna Lynch

Conor Lynch

Maryanne Lynch

Norman Sukkau

Don Ward

Muriel Ward

Myrna Goolcharan

David Carr

Nancy & Debbie Gajdosik

Dr. Ray Bourchard & Family

The Buchanan Family

Fran & Estela Violago & Family

Virgin Abe

Jewel John

Marvel Mathew

Fr. Gerald McDougall, sj

Myra Wood

Dolores Fekete

Kalman Fekete

Mitchell deJong

Nancy Gajdosik

Elevator Project - Dare to Dream Big (Prayer will help too!)

In order to maintain a safe and welcoming community for all, we need to ensure our Parish facilities are accessible to everyone. That's why we're raising funds for an elevator. 

The need for increased accessibility was part of the discernment process which began five years ago and is now part of a 10-year visioning project currently being undertaken by the Parish Pastoral Committee. The concept drawing below was presented at the Parish Annual General Meeting held on November 17, 2016.

To support this project, please direct donations to the Elevator Fund.