Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 1 Corinthians 13:7

First step, contact us!

We rejoice with you in your decision to be married and are delighted that you're considering celebrating your marriage here at St. Ignatius. The first step is to call our office and make an appointment with a priest to discuss your marriage. A year in advance is not too early! Please don't set your wedding date until after this appointment. We also ask that you are a registered parishioner of the parish . Contact the Parish Office at (204) 474-2351.

Baptism certificates

If you're Catholic, you will need a new copy of your Baptismal certificate, obtained within six months of your wedding date. If you're not Catholic, we ask that you provide a photocopy of your baptismal certificate, if possible, and the testimony of one witness, explaining that you're free to marry.

Marriage License

You should request a marriage license and registration form 90 days prior to your wedding. These can be procured from Vital Statistics, 254 Portage Ave., (204) 945-3701, or even from some local shops. We recommend you go with your spouse and bring your birth certificates with you. Once you receive the marriage documents, bring them to our office receptionist at least two weeks prior to the wedding. We will complete the forms here and mail the completed forms to the government.


We will need the names and addresses of your two primary witnesses, i.e., the Best Man and Maid-of-Honour. Please include this information when you bring us your Baptismal certificates.

Marriage Preparation

We encourage you to participate in a program of marriage preparation. We offer weekend programs here at St. Ignatius. To register, call the office at (204) 474-2351. The cost for these programs is $200.

The Marriage Ceremony

You will be given a small booklet, Celebrating our Love. This contains a selection of readings and all the various rites of the marriage ceremony. This is your sacrament and you should feel free to structure it to meet your own needs. The sacrament of matrimony may be celebrated on its own or in conjunction with the mass. It's wise to talk this over with us if one of you is non-Catholic.



We can provide contact numbers for various musicians who can be hired to perform at your wedding. Music at weddings should be sacred in nature. Appropriate secular music can be used before the service and during the signing of the register. Arrangements with our technicians need to be made if you plan to use non-parish musicians.


It's our custom here at St. Ignatius that only your designated photographer take natural light (no flash or flood) pictures or video during the actual wedding service. However, any photography may take place during the procession entrance or exit, as well as at the signing of the register.

We ask that there be no confetti, petals, or rice thrown anywhere on the property.


The couple is asked to make an offering of $350 to the Church. When you book the Church, $100 of this is requested as a deposit. The Best Man should give the rest of the offering to the priest performing the marriage on the night of the rehearsal or just before the wedding service begins.

Dates and Times

In the Roman Catholic tradition, we do not celebrate weddings on Sundays. Saturdays are most common although weekday times are also available. Again, it is good to book your date well in advance; a year is not too soon! Saturday ceremonies are usually held at 1 p.m. or 3 p.m.

Occasionally, weddings may be performed on Friday or Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m., except during June, July or August. Please contact the office if you would like to have your wedding at times other than those listed.


If you wish, a rehearsal can be planned. Rehearsals are often held the evening before the celebration, but other days and times can be arranged, except for Sundays.