Spiritual Direction

Keeping with the Ignatian tradition of being people for others, our ministries are an opportunity to put our faith into action while building community. We invite you to discern how to share your gifts with others!

Spiritual Direction is a form of spiritual accompaniment that includes a conversation with a director, directee and God. Its based on a belief that God wills to be know and relies heavily on the Holy Spirit.

It is a space where a directee can share whatever is on their heart and in need of attention. They may want to speak about difficult challenges they are facing in life or wanting support to discern a pending decision. Some people come to better understand God's presence in thier pain, disillusionment and/or spiritual doubts. Some desire spiritual growth,transformation and/or to be drawn more closer into God's love. At times people desire support with exploring God's will for them.

The director is there to hold space for what they hear and foster a growing awareness of God's presence in the meeting.. Through the art of deep and holy listening, they bear witness to what is being expressed and help to illuminate the invitation that God maybe calling the directee towards. The hope is that spiritual direction can also facilitate a directee's growing ability to see and experience God more fully in their every day life; not just durring sessions. Its a reminder that we are beloved and never alone wherever we are.

Please be in touch if you feel you or your group would like to explore this support.