Advisory Board

We are grateful to these parishioners who continue to guide our parish community with their time, generosity and expertise.


Finance Council

  • Stephen Ward (Chairperson)
  • Steve Chipman (Trustee)
  • Eva Dunlao
  • Fr. Frank Obrigewitsch, S.J.

Pastoral Council

  • Jennifer Wispinski Chair
  • Tannis Scott
  • Steve Chipman
  • Damir Stipanovic
  • Carolyn Meadows
  • Gregg Sylvestre
  • Charlie Pazdor
  • Martin Scanlon
  • Andreas Kastellanos
  • Jeannine Pistawka
  • Fr. Frank Obrigewitsch, S.J.
  • Associate Pastor, Fr. Con Mulvihill, S.J.

Buildings & Grounds Committee

  • Bob Pistawka
  • David LaLama
  • Jeannine Pistawka (School)
  • Fr. Frank Obrigewitsch, S.J.

St. Ignatius School Board

  • Laural Porth-Jones (Chairperson)

Learn more about the School Board.

St. Ignatius School Parents' Advisory Council (SISPAC)

  • Jenna Jones (Chairperson)

Learn more about the SISPAC.