Healing Ministry Course

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Formation of the Healing Ministry Course

The Healing Ministry Course began in 1977 in Seattle by Fr. Leo Thomas, O.P., a Catholic priest. It has since spread to several other states and has over 1,500 graduates, including a number of clergy and religious from various denominations. St. Ignatius Church hosted the first class in Canada, with students graduating in March 1992.

What is a healing prayer team?

A healing prayer team is a group of people who believe that God answers prayers. They use this belief to help those in need of emotional, spiritual, relational, or physical healing.

We believe that Christ started the first healing teams when He sent out His disciples two by two to heal the sick and to preach the Good News. We believe that today Jesus still commands His followers to be His disciples, and to heal the sick and spread the Good News.

A healing team does not guarantee healing. Only God can heal and God alone decides how and when healing will take place. A healing team does not take the place of priests, doctors, medicine or treatments, psychiatrists or counsellors.

Program details

The Healing Ministry Course is a two-year program with each year consisting of two eight-week semesters. Each semester begins with a weekend workshop. The classes consist of taped lectures, small-group reflections and practical exercises. Participants are expected to read selected books and to journal on their own time.

The goal of the program is to prepare people to pray effectively in teams for the healing of others who are suffering— either physically, emotionally, in relationships, or spiritually. Students develop their innate abilities, acquire practical skills, discover new God-given gifts, and learn a process that will enable them to help others.

The course is for Christians of various traditions who desire to become a healing influence, be it in their families, at work, or within the community.

Classes are held at St. Ignatius in the Adult Education Centre on Monday evenings from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.

To request prayer, or for more information, contact the Adult Education Centre at (204) 453-9243.