Introduction to the Spiritual Exercises

Discover the important work being done through our Ministries. These groups are a great way to get involved in our Parish community.

This five-week program introduces students to the Spiritual Exercises, and is a prerequisite for those wanting to take the Spiritual Exercises.

There are many reasons that draw people to making these Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. For some it is a desire to grow in personal freedom so as to be able to make better choices and decisions. For others, it is simply to deepen their relationship with God in Jesus. Still others seek a more conscious experience of spirituality to support their desires to bring greater justice into the world about them.

Everyone is welcome to attend this prayer experience, even if you don't plan to attend the full year Spiritual Exercises retreat.

The program is usually held Wednesday evenings from 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., starting in May and ending in early June.
The time commitment includes:

  • Daily prayer with scripture
  • Briefly journaling your prayer experience
  • Weekly group meeting for teaching

If you're interested in attending or want more information, contact Valerie.